Why this kennel is no longer a member of the LHCN


I'm going back to 1991 when bought our first leonberger and i visited a meeting for members of the LHCN in 1992,what i saw there was incredible!
People who quarrel about everything mostly about people but not about the dogs and their health.
Now 23 years later i'm sad i have to say nothing is changed.
The boardmembers are staying longer but there is still a small group of people who run the LHCN.
The boardmembers arent the only ones to blame  the members of the LHCN dont take any action they sit and wait whats going to happen.
In the past people would send the board away if they thought they werent competent.
The board should stand for the majority of the members,but with the LHCN its a small group of members and breeders that decide what happens within the club.


When a few years back they asked me to become a member of the board for breeding and health issues,i thought for a very long time before i accepted the position.
And yes i was warned,because within the board there was and is only one breeder that runs it,and this was the one member who didnt want me in the board.
But i thould i could do it make the change.Well those people where right because when from day one they are sawing your chairlegs your bound to fall sooner or later.
It started right away at the time that we as the commity of breeding and health wanted to talk about things on the breedersmeeting,the board wanted to decide what could be talked about and not the breeders.
Not very democratic and i didnt accept that and that was the beginning of the end.
We did succeed to do a large health inquiry, the outcome of this inquiry was thar we're not doing so bad with the leonberger but we seriously have to think about the future to enlarge the genetic pool.
Because over 10 generations we can achieve a coi of 0% to 5% but over all generations we dont get below a coi of 25% and this is increasing in time.
We invited Mr.Ed Gubbels (geneticist,breeding specialist) to talk and explain the outcome of the health inquiry on his first visit and more specific on the leonberger the second time.
We wanted him to come back a third time to tell us what we can do to make sure we will have healthy leonbergers in the future what steps to make.The board didnt think this was necessary they thought the breeders knew enough now.
Much to my surprise breeders will still use the same male over and over again so i dont think they realise what they are doing.
If we want to keep the leonberger healthy we have to think and talk about all the things we can do and maybe even use a different breed but then what do we want to keep the build ,the caot,the color or the character of the leonberger?
But first we have to start the discussion in the interest of the leonberger now and a specially in the future.


On 6-2-2013 we had mated our girl Always Sunshine Eshana,because of the chaos at the Raad van Beheer there was a delay with the evaluation of the HD-pictures and the mailing of the results.After mailing and calling we got the results 5 days after the mating.
Nobody said a word untill the pups were a few weeks then we received a letter that our litter didnt comply with the rules. We object to this because the mating didnt comply but the litter did.We asked the board after they put this in the archive to change this for the same reason but i think you already now the outcome they didnt change it.
When i became a member of the board i said that if i ever do anything against the rules for breeding i would step down,but because i think i did nothing wrong and i wasnt to blame for the things that went wrong with the Raad van Beheer i wanted to stay.


Strange thing happened when the pups were 8 weeks the wife of a boardmember called if we had a puppy for a friend of them because their own litter had 3 pups and they didnt have enough pups to deliver for this friend and we are such good breeders they reconmended us to this friend.That afternoon the boardmember and the friend came to see the pups and we sold the friend one pup wich we are very happy with because this pup has a good home.But in the light of what happened earlier it feels a little strange.


The LHCN has a new test for breeding where they test the character of the dog and look at the exterior.The test is good its only sad that the people who have to read the behaviour of the dogs dont understand anything about it.

When a dog barks and only barks tail low standing still they see this as aggresive behavior.and this has succeded in a lot of aggresive all test accept the one in november (everybody succeeded then) one third of the dogs failed the test.


Then came the moment of the last board meeting for me,we could have done this meeting by phone,because when a saw the e-mails before the meeting i knew what was going to happen.Because i did something wich in the businessworld and politics is normal but not within the club,i asked a member/boardmember if he/she was interested to become our new chairperson when the term of the sitting chairperson was over.The boardmembers unanimous decided they didnt want me in the board anymore.This didnt came as a surprise because except from the member who didnt want me their in the first place,there were now 3 members who have bought  a dog from this boardmember and yeah if you dont agree you might not get another dog from this person.

I thought about to wait untill the meeting for the members see if they want to go on with me,but i decided to end it there and then.


Still i didnt want to end my membership,but then the JHD (young dogs day) was coming we entered 2 litters 13 dogs we had 11% of all entries.

We enter the dogs always the owners dont have to do or pay anything. Much to our surprise we received an e-mail if we would pay 45 euro's more because 9 of our puppy buyers arent a member of the LHCN.We explained that we are the ones who enter the dogs and payed and we are a member.Then we got a ridiculous mail from the chairperson in wich he explained that they dint want our pupowners to have an unrightful advantage over others.GRRR am i the smart one or is he stupid,expained again our pupbuyers dont pay anything we do so there is no advantage in that way.To spear our puppybuyers the hassel we paid the 45 euro's.

But this was the drop that made me give up my membership .

What looks very stupid next is that the chairman puts an article in the Leonvaria where he asks breeders to promote the JHD with their pupbuyers well that just what we have done with the result mentioned above.I think next year there will be even less enrties,we want be there .


Now you know how it works within the LHCN do what ever you want with it I have said what i wanted to sy about it and draw a thick line beneath it all