The Leonberger

Where does the Leonberger come from?

Although leonberger officially classified as a German race, it arises more and more doubt. Also because there are quite a few varieties on the continent Eurazische are very similar: the Kaukisch shepherd, the Turkish Kara Bash, the Yugoslav Sar Planinac and Portuguese Cao the Serra de Estrella. The most likely theory is that the common ancestor lived somewhere in Tibet (the Tibetan Mastiff or a descendant) that spread over Eurasia.

mountain characters signs and traffic between the countries led to a separate development. Then again that led to different races (which also just discovered a century ago, it was only the dog was fit for a particular task).

Likely it is that, Leon Essig Bergse alderman in 1846 the Leonberger has bred without themselves knowing it.

How does he look like?

The Leonberger is large: Males about 76 cm and female about 70 cm.

What say the raspoints next? A large, powerful and muscular dog of good proportion and form lively temperament. The hair is long with a dense under coat. The coat colors range lion of yellow to reddish brown with black points. The muzzle, and the black mask.


Not too high, strong bone is required. For legs: upright position (not too closely, not too wide).
Well feathered (feather, the long hair on the legs).


Powerful muscular thighs, the knee must be clearly visible and strong, heavily muscled hock. The latter more angle rather than steep. X-shaped and C-shaped state of the backlog is completely wrong. Hubert Claws are not permitted and in the first days of life the are removed. Elbows well adjacent, slightly above the lower edge of the chest, shoulder line slightly sloping landscape.


Chest deep, not flat, powerful batch kidneys and a straight back is absolutely required. Tail rich hairy always worn down, never up or curled over the back, no curling or run cake.


Between soft and rough feeling, fairly long, not in separation and everywhere despite such good onderwol landscape that forms the body can be distinguished. More illegal, yet undulating allowed curled it in at no. To neck and chest, the Leonberger, a beautiful long hair.

How is his main character?

* Friendly, but not a baby
* Relax in your home, outside lively and playful, certainly not a stupid dog
* Watchful, in a way that his boss is the latest to discover this property.
* He loves company, especially that of children.
* Compared with peers and other animals, he is tolerant, he does not quickly forget that another dog ugly against him did. This leads not to a fight but he completely ignores the dog.
* The Leonberger is naturally not anxious or nervous.

What are the plus points?

* Are quiet and balanced character.
* His attention without aggression.
* His pleasure in human company take place.

What are weaknesses?

* His size.
* His long coat with many under wool: twice a year a very strong moulting, a real visitation for whom no hair on the bench can see.

* His healthy appetite, on average, that cost the boss in a week 16,00.
* His infatuation water if he shall choose rather muddy than clear water.