Kennelday 2017 Almeerderzand

                                                     An impression of a wonderful day

                                      The whole bunch together. A big thank you to all of you for making it a wonderful day.





                    Our guest Dusty                                                                                      Julia

                                            James                                                                    Kyran, Bailey and Quinten

            Yvonne and Woeffie real love

                                                                                                                                     A cuddle with the group in the bench

                        The youngest rascals











                                                         Dusty with a big branch. He felt quite at eas between the Leonbergers 

                                                                        Marion ,Wil and Keesje  




                                                                   Leo in the water with the dogs wich he loves so much

                                                                The newly weds with a lovely gift from Denmark


                                                    Kennelday 2016 Erkemeder Dogbeach
It was again a wonderful day with amazing weather this time. Thanks to everyone that was there.
Also thanks to Farmfood for giving lovely presents for everyone.

This are a few pictures from this wonderful day.
For more pictures go to this link:



                                                    Kennelday 2015 Erkemeder Dogbeach
It was again a wonderful day, the weather wasnt as good as we used to and we had some absences. But thanks to all that we're present.
And thanks to Gerrit and Ingrid from Farmfood for the nice presents.

                                                                        Savannah and Zon
                                               I-litter fltr Zon,Dain,Lobke,Bowie,Buddy and Savannah
            Zon,Dain and in the back Buddy                                                  Zon and Lobke
                                                              Always Sunshine Eirian Ireland Lobke
                                                          Always Sunshine Ryon Ireland Bowie
                                                             Always Sunshine Ungus Ireland Dain
                                       Always Sunshine Ynyr Ireland Buddy
                                                        Always Sunshine Malunani Hawaï Jazz
                                      Always Sunshine Alemana Hawaï Max
                                   Always Sunshine Anakalia Hawaï Woeffie
                                                     Entis van Dammershof Maud
                                                  Always Sunshine Gorgeous Ganisha
                                                Always Sunshine Gossiping Gaby Kees
                                                       Always Sunshine Faela Leo Julia
                                                                Always Sunshine Ekata Isha
                                                            Always Sunshine Extreme Zon
                                                  Always Sunshine Diablo Bram
                                         Always Sunshine Dynamite Guus
Leo owner of Julia brought watertoys and was brave enough to go and swim with the dogs
                                                                                                               Woeffie and the little rascals

                                                   After the walk we all had something to eat and drink


Photo-impression from our visit to Denmark september 2015

Bbq at Jan en Linda (kennel djursdogz) with Birthe en Ole (kennel véjuh)
en 12 honden
 Ahhh nice cool feet
Myla is looking for support from Dixie
                                                          Lets see if we can get some food there
                             Hugo and Kai
                              Kaylee is tired                                                     Myla and Hugo mother and son
                                                        True love between a man and his dog

Visit to Simba (Always Sunshine Fjodor Leo) and owners Pia en Sten Ove


Visit to Ludvig (Always Sunshine Dempsey Ireland) and owners Ingelise en Jacob
Groupphoto in front Ludvig the row behind from left to right Dixie,Hugo,Kaylee,Corazon,Savannah and laying is Kai
                Making a groupphoto is always difficult there is always one who wants to get away

                                                                                                                          Mother and son Savannah and Ludvig
                                                                                             Ludvig and Hugo really really liked each other
            What are they doing outside



                                                               Young Dogsday 02-11-2013

                                                                                    Nest F
                                                                        fltr Simba, Julia, Karel, Nala, mum Myla, Dessa en Froda


                                                                                   Nest G

                                                                    fltr dad Mylo, Ganisha, Mazzel, mum Corazon en Bayka                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                    A sweet family party of Mylo en Ganisha

If you clic on the link you can see an little film of our kennelday
thanks to Heleen Adriaenssens 

          Impression of the kennelday 6-10-2013 in Zeewolde "het erkemederhondenstrand"
                                                This is Clannad the eldest contender of our kennelday she is born on  june first 2004

                                                                                       Bijoux (Always Sunshine Glowing Gabriela)

                        Bram (Always Sunshine Diablo)                                                                            Clannad (Always Sunshine Clannad)

                            Cees (Always Sunshine Gossiping Gaby)                                                Dessa (Always Sunshine Fenna Leo)

                                    Djoy (Always Sunshine Djoy)                                                            Elle (Always Sunshine Eshita)

            Froda  Always Sunshine Froda Leo)                                                                   Isha (Always Sunshine Ekata)
                                                                                        Mazzel (Always Sunshine Gentle Giant)

                                                                                    Megan (Always Sunshine Fay Leo)

                                                                                     Nala (Always Sunshine Funny Leo)               

                                                                                        Zon (Always Sunshine Extreme Zon)

                                                Quinten (Always Sunshine Figaro Leo) and his dad Moos (Leo Amicanis Fair Frodo)

                      Family party of Djoy en Dessa                                                                                 Dessa, Bijoux en Cees
                            and sometimes there is a stranger in the group

                                                                                    and this leonberger is one of Kennel "van Tatteljee"

                                                                                    Luckely the dogs didnt see those birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                The evening after the kennelday all six girls are tyred and sleeping



Caitlin and Quinten (Always Sunshine Figaro Leo) got second place with the child-dog show on the dutch clubmatch
                    We're so proud of both of them.


                                                                This is an impression of our kennelday 7-10-2012 in Lelystad

                                                                                                                                At the arrival
                                                                                            Our own dogs 11 in total including 4puppies all in one big bench
Always Sunshine Ekanath (Loki)
                Always Sunshine Desperado (Youri)                                                                    Always Sunshine Dodo
                                     Dodo                                                                                               Always Sunshine Diablo (Bram)
Always Sunshine Djoy                                                                                             Youri en Ruben

                    Always Sunshine Eshita (Elle) Khaimas 4 I save the dream (Savannah) Always Sunshine Eshana (Corazon)

                                                                                                                            During our walk


                                                                                    After the walk we had something to eat and drink and talked a lot